Meet Decision Makers From

European & International OEMs
Technology Vendors
Tier 1 & 2s
Engineering Consultancies
Component Suppliers
Battery Manufacturers

With The Following Job Titles:

  • Group Chief Engineer
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Head of Vehicle Architecture
  • Core Engineer Hybridization & Electrification
  • Head of Research, Materials & Manufacturing
  • Scientific & Future Technologies Department
  • Electrification Project Engineer
  • Group Product Director Hybrid & Electric Systems
  • Director of Electrified Powertrain Engineering
  • Chief Engineer - Battery Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • BEV Global Lead Engineer
  • Global Battery Systems Engineering
  • GMPT Electrification
  • Power Electronics Analyst
  • Technical Manager - Innovation Management
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Hybrid & Electrification Technology
  • Fuel Economy & Emission Control
  • R&D
  • Future Tech Expert
  • Hybrid System Knowledge Responsible
  • Innovation & Technology Dev. Manager
  • Environment Product Material Development
  • New Model
  • New Technology
  • Senior Technical Leader
  • Project Engineer - Material Section, Design, Test & Materials Engineering
  • Chief Engineer & Executive Technical Leader - Energy Storage & HV Systems
  • Electrification Projects Administrator
  • Deputy General Manager
  • HV Battery Technical Expert    
  • Project Lead - Quality Electric Vehicle Architecture
  • Underbody Design Expert
  • Body & Closure Engineer
  • Hybrid System Knowledge Responsible
  • Director of Engineering
  • Materials & Technologies
  • Lead Engineer, Body and Vehicle Crashworthiness CAE
  • EV Architecture Lead
  • EV Component & Energy Storage For EVs

Plus Industry Stakeholders From...

  • Engineering Companies/Consultancies
  • Thermal Systems & Components Suppliers - e.g. heat pump manufacturers
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • High Voltage Electronic Components Manufacturers
  • Material Suppliers
  • Design Software Suppliers
  • *CAE Modelling
  • *Automotive Design Simulation
  • *Crash Simulation
  • EV Battery Components Suppliers - e.g. switchers, inverters, AC/DC components 
  • EV Powertrain Systems & Components


Apply The Most Cutting Edge Solutions For Thermal Optimisation And Powertrain Performance Enhancement

9.00 Day One Conference Recap & Chair's Opening Remarks


9.10 Designing The Next Generation Of Electrified VehiclesAt PSA Group

  • Presenting the electrification strategy of PSA Group
  • Discussing main issues with adopting electrification strategy at PSA Group
  • Explore PSA's approach to integration, thermal behaviour, weight reduction and fast charging for EVs

Dr. Bernard Sahut, Scientific & Future Technologies Department, Head of the StelLab network, Electrical Energy Storage and Production Expert, PSA Group

9.40 Question & Answer Session

THERMAL PERFORMANCE OPTIMISATION AND EV SYSTEMS INTEGRATION: Identify The Next Generation Of Solutions To Manage Thermal Behaviour Of Batteries


9.50 Presenting Thermal Characterization and Modelling of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

  • Understand how to characterize thermal behavior of lithium-ion battery
  • Presenting methods to model thermal behavior of lithium-ion battery systems
  • Designing efficient and safer battery systems using battery models

Elisabeth Kolp, Research Associate, Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology, Technical University of Munich

10.20 Question & Answer Session

10.30 Networking Break In Exhibition Showcase Area


11.00 Benchmark Different Thermal System Layouts To Achieve Simplified, Optimised & Smart Holistic Thermal Solution That Is Easily Integrated Into A Vehicle

  • Compare different cooling circuit layouts, including separate and mixed architectures, to identify challenges and opportunities with integrating them into the vehicle 
  • Review opportunities with mixed layout where the cooling of the motors and electronics is connected to achieve smart cooling and cabin heating strategy without wasting energy
  • Apply smart design and technology solutions to improve insulation within the cabin to limit the need for additional energy for heating & cooling

11.30 Question & Answer Session

POWERTRAIN PERFORMANCE & LAYOUT OPTIMISATION: Scrutianise Various Solutions For Powertrain Layout And Energy Management To Achieve Enhanced Powertrain Performance


11.40 Examining Different Options For Powertrain Layout, Including The Number Of Motors And Components Placement, To Find The Best Solution To Enhance Electrical Powertrain Performance

  • Evaluate various topologies for EVs to investigate the trade-offs between the energy consumption, the powertrain cost and the acceleration performance:
  •  traditional topology using a single electric motor driving a single axle with a fixed gear ratio;
  • topology using separate motors for the front axle and the rear axle, each with its own fixed gear ratio;
  • topology using in-wheel motors on a single axle; a four-wheel-drive topology using in-wheel motors on both axes.
  • Examine pros and cons of each topology specific to EVs
  • Discuss relative merits of the different topologies and their applicability to real-world passenger cars

Daniel Auger, Academic and Cluster Lead - Intelligent Mobility, Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre, Cranfield University

12.10 Question & Answer Session

12.20 Chair's Concluding Remarks, Apple TV Prize Draw

12.30 - 1.30 Networking Lunch In Exhibition Showcase Area & End Of Conference


See OEM Case Studies And Technical Presentations On:

BUILD EV SUPPLY CHAIN & IMPROVE EV COMPETITIVENESS: Understand Challenges OEMs Are Facing When Developing The Next Generation Of EVs And Investigate Opportunities With Providing Targeted Solutions

SAFETY REGULATIONS & CRASHWORTHINESS FOR EVs: Understand Safety Regulations Specific To EVs And Explore The Best Practices And Solutions To Help Meet Safety & Crashworthiness Requirements

WHOLE VEHICLE DESIGN CONCEPTS AND TECHNICAL BREAKTHROUGHS:Hear About The Latest Ideas And Techniques For Protecting The Battery And Delivering Safety At Higher Standards


  • Compare The Pros And Cons Of Different Battery Integration Solutions Including:
  • Inside The Battery Pack, Cells & Modules
  • Outside The Battery Case Including Power Electronics Components
  • High Voltage Electric Systems
  • Low Voltage Electronics Systems
  • Drivetrain Including Motor And Transmission

BALANCING TRADE-OFFS IN EV SYSTEMS:  Hear How To Balance The Trade-offs Between Range, Cost, Weight And Customer Needs

STRATEGIES FOR BATTERY SYSTEM INTEGRATION INTO BODY IN WHITE:Hear About Integration Strategies For Both New Build And Adapting Conventional Vehicle Platforms 

THERMAL PERFORMANCE OPTIMISATION AND SYSTEM INTEGRATION: Explore Advanced Solutions To Optimise Thermal Performance Of EV Systems

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